oliver matich creative
53°33'39" N 02°54'0.9" W dreaming A video art piece I created for my foundation art and design course's 4 week project on journeys, a technology led re-interpretation of the ideas behind Aboriginal Australian paintings. I used hyperlapses and walking video to capture a narative view of places in my life journeys alongside 3d animations of GPS paths to image their topology, illustrating their presence in my mind as timeless interwoven spaces. I created the background music by time stretching a song I associate with the place (in keeping with the Aboriginal ideas) to isolate the feeling of the song from it's narrative, giving a sense of what the sound of the place is to me.
stone expressionism A short film I made for the art film task of my 3A/B media production and analysis course in 2011, inspired by the introduction of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, dealing with the mindset of an architect, seeing buildings from the landscape.
Loefah & Chunky live at 24 Kitchen Street A short promotional video I made of an electronic music event Hot Plate at 24 Kitchen Street, a music and arts venue in Liverpool, featuring Loefah and Chunky, as well as local DJs. Dogshow live at Invisible Wind Factory A short promotional video I made of the opening night of the Invisible Wind Factory's opening night, featuring a live set by local band Dogshow.